i've spent what seems like a rather long time in education. here are some qualifications:
PhD Linguistics (University of Cambridge)November 2017
PhD title: “Speech in space and time: Contact, change and diffusion in medieval Norway”, supervised by David Willis
MPhil General Linguistics and Comparative Philology (University of Oxford)June 2013
two-year masters in linguistics and philology at Oxford, focusing on the history of Germanic & Greek. thesis titled “Sociolinguistic variation in the Old Icelandic Family Sagas” supervised by Aditi Lahiri & Peter Barber
BA Linguistics (University of Essex)June 2010
three-year BA in linguistics at the University of Essex, including one term spent at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. dissertation titled “‘We still talk Cadbury Heath.’ A quantitative study of rhoticity in Bristol English” supervised by Bob Borsley.