links to other bits of writing, some professional and some for fun, that i’ve judged don’t fall into the ‘academic publications’ box:
Blaxter, Tamsin, Tara Garnett, Francesco Buscemi, Eira Carballo Cárdenas, Tripti Agarwal & Maíra de Jong van Lier. 2023. Protein meaning maps. Oxford, UK: TABLE. July 2023
interactive maps of the meanings associated with 'protein' in different countries
Meat: the Four Futures QuizApril 2023
interactive quiz exploring values around four scenarios for the future of meat consumption and production, as part of the Meat: the Four Futures podcast
Blaxter, Tamsin. 2022. Where does protein get its power? TABLE. November 2022
Blaxter, Tamsin. 2022. What place does whaling have in a sustainable food future? TABLE.July 2022
Blaxter, Tamsin. 2022. Process and power at TABLE. Oxford, UK: TABLE.January 2022
Slate-os and sow-bugs and wood-pigs, oh mySeptember 2021
blog post describing the interim results of our survey on names for terrestrial isopods and exploring the stories behind a few of the names we've found
Dialect loss as ecological lossAugust 2021
a piece thinking about how misconceptions and miscommunications in academic-public discourse about dialects, and how a good parallel for the reality of dialects in the modern world can be found in the ecological crisis
Seeing desire through a clear glassFebruary 2021
a piece of personal writing on the movie Carol and the way different kinds of desires can be confused and interact
Perhap's we're wrong about the history of the word queerJanuary 2020
originally a talk delivered at the Cambridge Junction, this piece thinks about the history of the word 'queer' and how that history shapes our self-conception as a community
How can universities support trans students and staff?October 2019
blogpost for WonkHE written with Emrys Travis
Afterword: on inferenceAugust 2019
originally the afterword to my chapbook after the great death, this piece thinks about (and performs) the difficulty in capturing meaning across deep gulfs of time
On testing for trans brainsMay 2018
short piece thinking about the research being done looking for neurological correlates of gender and/or trans identity
Response to Hadley Freeman's piece on Trans visibilityMarch 2018
blogpost on medium, responding to Freeman's Guardian article on TDoV 2018
Diversity and the future of the collegeMarch 2018
talk on International Women's Day for the Joyce Frankland Society at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge
What are we doing about trans women dying in our prisons?June 2017
article published in GetReal magazine
If gender is a spectrum, isn't everyone genderqueer?April 2016
article published in GetReal magazine