i also write poetry! here is some stuff that's published and/or available online.
The /tɛmz/ ReviewMay 2018
four poems published in The /tɛmz/ Review issue 3
HEArt Journal OnlineMarch 2018
poem published in HEArt Journal March 2018: “charm against negative body image
LightshipAugust 2017
Lightship is a choose-your-own-adventure poem set in a deserted lightship in a storm. featuring over 60 poems and three possible endings! play~read online.
Field 93September 2015
three poems published in Field 93: “Back”, “Having left by the back door”, “Stillness in the passenger seat after the impact”
Lunar Poetry 6/7January 2015
four poems published in Lunar Poetry 6/7: “Façades tritina”, “listening a little”, “The lost piece of silver”, “Before everyone else is up”
ASH michaelmas/lent 2013/14February 2014
poem ‘Brick ruins’ in ASH
Notes 12October 2013
poem published in Notes 12: “Sounding space”
Structo 10August 2013
poem in Structo 10: “Modal verb selection”
Polluto 10December 2012
four poems published in Polluto Magazine 10: “Apologia”, “Let's just get out”, “Flash crash”, “ECHR judgement 10/04/12”