i also write poetry! here is some stuff that's published and/or available online.
BOAAT JOURNALFebruary 2021
a poem entitled these hours on io published in BOAAT JOURNAL
Modern Poetry in Translation Korean Poetry WorkshopAugust 2020
my submission to this workshop can be read here (submission no.21)
ErotoplastyApril 2020
two poems, SEASOUN YN HOURS and fisher, published in the zine Erotoplasty
Yes PoetryFebruary 2020
one poem—SONNET ON INTENTION—published in Yes Poetry
sea foam magFebruary 2020
two poems (or possibly spells, or possibly recipes) in sea foam mag ~ a stylistic throwback ~ “An incantation to make an email arrive” and “A charm to repair a broken phone”
Crab Fat MagazineDecember 2019
five poems in the December issue of Crab Fat Magazine: “TRANSUBSTANTIATION”, “hostilementes”, “BICALMD”, “dusk only a cloth” and “th mountain splits like a satsuma + the juice leaves everything sticky to the touch”
DREGINALD 18November 2019
four poems published in issue 18 of DREGINALD: “lasch out”, “dissying ilands ofv socialitie”, “declarations of love a PLAY in TWO ACTS”, and “PUBLIC PHILOLOGIST”
after the great deathOctober 2019
a chapbook with 845 Press entitled “after the great death”
Tears in the Fence 70September 2019
four poems (“Arrowhead (Yanonē, 18th century)”, “mulan”, “LAP” and “poem on opening my mouth in the mirror”) in Tears in the Fence issue 70
Pamenar Online MagazineAugust 2019
two poems in Pamenar Online Magazine: “extractive” and “LLENA”
Black Bough Poetry issue 2August 2019
one poem, “earthrise”, in Black Bough Poetry issue 2, “'Lux aeterna': Apollo 11 / Helen Sharman/ cosmos”
petrichorJune 2019
two poems in issue 11 of petrichor journal: “on occashionly looking yn th mirror + being okei w/it” and “unstuck”
Burning House PressMay 2019
three poems for Burning House Press selected by guest editor Petero Kalulé on the subject of incompleteness: “november thursday”, “ACHILLES TALKS ABOUT GRIEF” and “YES UNSPOOLING, a play IN THREE ACTS”
Sijo—an international journal of poetry and songMay 2019
four poems published in the 2019 issue of Sijo—an international journal of poetry and song: “degenerate sijo”, “needles sijo”, “internalised transphobia sijo” and “ecological disaster sijo”
Menacing Hedge 8.04April 2019
three poems published in the journal Menacing Hedge: “autogynephile” (finalist for Best of the Net 2019), “magpies” and “asc\grow”. you can also hear recordings of me reading these!
Deluge 12April 2019
three poems published in DELUGE magazine: “sonnet on wakefulness”, “QHWEER BODIES” and “luk u agen”
Black Warrior Review 45.2March 2019
one poem published in BWR 45.2
DATABLEEDFebruary 2019
two poems published in DATABLEED zine: “9 months” [reviewed by Desmond Huthwaite in S P A M Cuts] and “LOCCHESTER”
Likely Red PressOctober 2018
poem published in Likely Red Press lit mag: “On first devising paper” [nominated for Pushcart 2018]
Really System 19July 2018
poem published in Really System 19: “Earrings (Yves Saint Laurent, Paris)
DREGINALD 14June 2018
five poems published in issue 14 of literary magazine DREGINALD: “ink on manuscripts, streetlamps, spotlight buzz and salt”, “everythings forgotten”, “conflicting thoughts”, “equinox”, and “2 months on hrt”
The /tɛmz/ Review 3May 2018
four poems published in The /tɛmz/ Review issue 3 [nominated for Best of the Net 2018]
HEArt Journal OnlineMarch 2018
poem published in HEArt Journal March 2018: “charm against negative body image
Field 93September 2015
three poems published in Field 93: “Back”, “Having left by the back door”, “Stillness in the passenger seat after the impact”
Lunar Poetry 6/7January 2015
four poems published in Lunar Poetry 6/7: “Façades tritina”, “listening a little”, “The lost piece of silver”, “Before everyone else is up”
ASH michaelmas/lent 2013/14February 2014
poem ‘Brick ruins’ in ASH
Notes 12October 2013
poem published in Notes 12: “Sounding space”
Structo 10August 2013
poem in Structo 10: “Modal verb selection”
Polluto 10December 2012
four poems published in Polluto Magazine 10: “Apologia”, “Let's just get out”, “Flash crash”, “ECHR judgement 10/04/12”